Lucruri speciale

Lucruri speciale
Lucruri speciale

vineri, 22 aprilie 2011

Le théâtre exotique

"A dress touched the heart of the people. It's like an opera. You do not understand the language. Nevertheless, you feel moved,"

This is Guo Pei, the so-called doyenne of Chinese haute couture.

‘‘I always have a desire to create something that is fashion and is not fashion,’’ Guo Pei admitted and then laughed. ‘‘So a dress ends up weighing 50 kilos! Every piece is not fashion anymore. It’s sculpture; it’s painting. I want to put all that into a dress.’’ from 'Year of the Couturière'.

So what if these dresses are not at all wearable? Maybe they are not supposed to be worn, but admired, just like a form of art.

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